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Service changes due to COVID-19

All residential installs will be worked by one technician – with some connections installed via a temporary solution for wiring, routers, and other inside equipment in order to keep technicians from entering homes.  Customers may be required to assist by plugging up power boxes, routers, etc. as needed and for some homes, this will mean wiring pulled temporarily through a window or other opening.


All business installs will be scheduled through a detailed work plan with management of the business to ensure the safety of our technicians as well as business employees.  What can be completed off-site or outside will be.  If required to enter a business, all employees will be asked to leave the room in which the technician is working if at all possible.  If not, they will be required to maintain a 6 ft or more distance.

Learn more about the changes at Pineland Telephone by visiting our website or the PinelandTelCo facebook page.

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  • Pineland Telephone and its subsidiary Pineland Communications serves over 1,300 square miles in all or parts of ten counties and seventeen exchanges in Georgia, bringing Telephone, Internet, TV, Computer, and Security solutions to its customers in those communities. Nearing its 67th year, 100% of Pineland's customers receive their services via a dedicated Fiber-to-the-Home network capable of delivering broadband speeds Up to 1 Gigabit per second.
  • Organization of Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was accomplished in late 1951, by a group of progressive minded individuals from Candler and Emanuel Counties. The cooperative was created to provide telecommunications service to areas of rural Southeast Georgia the larger entities did not assist. Sixty plus years later, that goal has changed very little. Pineland worked diligently since 2005 toward completion of the Fiber-to-the-Home project and strives to be on the cutting-edge of new technology, service, and support to this day. 

Pineland Computer Services began in Statesboro, Georgia in 2004 as the family business, Baker and Owens Computer Solutions. Seeing the growing need for technology services in Statesboro and the surrounding area, in 2008 Baker and Owens became part of the Pineland family. Continuing growth encouraged the addition of Broadtech Solutions, a managed technology and commercial computer services provider in 2017. Broadtech Solutions based in Vidalia, Georgia, began operations in 2007. Pineland Computer Services specializes in commercial computer repair, maintenance, and networking, as well as offers managed technology solutions.

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